Grey Dawg.

Visiting friends who attend NYU, I was brought into The Grey Dog right near campus. The place was packed with college students, and the lines began to go out the door. Happy hour is the prime time to visit–a bottle of wine for $10! I had a panini, filled with chicken, pesto, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella. Every dish comes with potato chips. Heaven.

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Best. Waffles. Ever.


Beans and Leaves on Staten Island has taken Instagram by storm, coining the hashtag #postyourbeans where customers can earn rewards by posting pictures of their meals. Beans and Leaves is a coffee shop located at 422 Forest Ave. They are famous for their decadent waffles, where the toppings range from nutella and fresh fruit, to Cap’n Crunch. Another favorite of mine is their frozen vanilla chai.

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